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The Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA) is a cross-cutting network of DIVERSITAS with the task to explore and explain the great biological richness of the mountains of the world.

2014-10-23Postdoc position in Switzerland on phenology of alpine plants

The ‘Mountain Ecosystems’ and ‘Climate Research’ teams at the Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL in Switzerland are looking for a Postdoctoral Researcher in the project: ‘Warmer temperatures, less snow, earlier plant development? Using a long-term meteorological network to unravel temperature and snow effects on mountain vegetation’. We take advantage of a unique and extensive set of climate monitoring stations in the Swiss Alps that provides c. 20 years of climate, snow and plant growth data. We plan to extend the approach to other regions of the Alps or world. You will investigate how temperatures and snow cover influence plant phenology along geographical gradients within the network of climate stations to de-termine how changed climate conditions such as accelerated snowmelt control phe-nology and the distribution of plants. You will publish your results in international journals. The position is funded for the duration of 2 years and should start in January 2015. The work location is Davos, Switzerland.

Please apply online (see link below) by sending your complete application to Jasmine Zimmermann, Human Resources WSL/SLF. Christian Rixen, phone +41 (0)81 417 02 14, e-mail rixen[at]slf.ch, and Martine Rebetez, phone Tel. +41 (0)32 718 18 12, will be happy to answer any questions or offer further information. To be assured of full consideration, please apply by November 5, 2014.

To apply online, press the “apply now” button at the end of the job ad at https://apply.refline.ch/273855/0445/pub/2/index.html

2014-10-23Conference Mountain People Adapting to Change: Solutions Beyond Boundaries Bridging Science, Policy, and Practice

Kathmandu, Nepal, 9–12 November 2014

The international conference is ICIMOD’s annual flagship event. With the goal of exploring holistic solutions for adaptation to change in the Hindu Kush Himalaya region that transcend political, sectoral, and national boundaries, conference sessions will strengthen links and promote knowledge sharing between over 200 expert climate scientists, policy makers and practitioners. Participation in this event is by official invite only, but you can follow the conference via Twitter using #adaptHKH

For further information check www.icimod.org/adapthkh or contact adapthkh[at]icimod.org.

2014-09-15Conference Perth III: Mountains of Our Future Earth

An international conference in Perth, Scotland, 4-8 October 2015

The Centre for Mountain Studies, in collaboration with the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI) and GMBA, is organising a third conference – Perth III – on ‘Mountains of Our Future Earth’. This is a contribution to the global Future Earth programme, a 10-year international research initiative that will develop the knowledge for responding effectively to the risks and opportunities of global environmental change and supporting transformation towards global sustainability in the coming decades.

Online abstract submission is now available until 27 February 2015.
For more information visit the Conference Website.

2014-09-15Interesting Publication: Biodiversity from mountain building

This short publication gives interesting insights into the effects of mountain building processes on biodiversity and species richness.

Carina Hoorn, Volker Mosbrugger, Andreas Mulch and Alexandre Antonelli (2013) Biodiversity from mountain building. Nature Geoscience 6:154
Nature Geoscience Homepage

2014-08-21New edition: A glance at the Wild Flowers of Iranian Mountains

The second edition of the excursion guide of Iranian mountain vegetation has been published. It includes brief descriptions of the species in English and Farsi, distribution maps, habitat descriptions, flowering time, and photos. Almost 100 new species have been included compared to the first edition.

Jalil Noroozi (2014) A glance at the Wild Flowers of Iranian Mountains 2nd Edition. Karim Khan Zand Publication, Teheran, Iran, 372 p.

Price: 47€
To order the book contact noroozi.jalil[at]gmail.com

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