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International GMBA-DIVERSITAS conference "Functional significance of mountain biodiversity"

In Chandolin (Valais), Switzerland, 27-30th July 2010

The Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment of DIVERSITAS was celebrating its 10th year of activity in 2010 with an international conference in the Swiss Alps, on the overarching theme of functional significance of mountain biodiversity. We met in the centre of the Swiss Alps at the peak of the flowering season at a very scenic historic village.

Conference documentation

See the conference webcast (videos of each talk) here

Download the abstracts of the conference (talks and posters) here (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Download the conference programme here (PDF, 244 KB)

Have a look at some pictures of the conference at flickr.com

A special issue with contributions presented at the conference was published in Plant Ecology & Diversity. The articles can be accessed here: http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/tped20/4/4#.Ua4ozNgjXRI

Conference themes

Keynote talks:
Christian Körner, Basel, Switzerland: „Mountain Biodiversity, its causes and function in a changing environment“
Richard Bardgett, Lancaster, UK: „Linking plant diversity, soil microbial communities and nutrient cycles“
Sandra Lavorel, Grenoble, France „Using plant functional traits to understand the landscape distribution of multiple ecosystem services from subalpine grasslands“
Markus Fischer, Bern, Switzerland „On the functional significance of mountain biodiversity“
Mary T. K. Arroyo and Rosa A. Scherson, Santiago, Chile „Using molecular phylogenetic construction to deconstruct the high elevation flora of the South American Andes“
Wilfried Thuiller, Grenoble, France: „Preserving the Tree of Life - Anticipating the functional and evolutionary consequences of climate change on Alpine biodiversity“
Falk Huettmann, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA „Data Mining of GBIF data with the GMBA Mountain Portal Tool: examples from the third pole“
Maarten Kappelle, San Jose, Costa Rica „Tropical Montane Cloud Forest biodiversity: General trends and large-scale, latitudinal and altitudinal patterns across the globe“
Mark Williams, Boulder, Colorado, USA „NWT LTER as a prototype for understanding the controls on alpine biodiversity: the challenge of converting long term monitoring into science“

The conference offers plenary lectures, a poster session and excursions on various Mountain Biodiversity themes:

Session 1: Functional significance of mountain biodiversity
Session 2: Phylogeny and genetic diversity in mountains
Session 3: Climate change and mountain biodiversity
Session 4: Improving forecasts of climate change effects on mountain biodiversity
Session 5: Large scale patterns in mountain biodiversity
Session 6: Altitudinal trends in mountain biodiversity Poster Session
Session 7: Land use change effects on mountain biodiversity
Session 8: Invasive species in mountains
Session 9: LTERs in the Alpine and their influence on biodiversity research
Poster session on all the above themes